Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Palindrome scarf: The easiest scarf, but not too boring, either. It's a 2x2 rib (even in the cables) which makes it reversible. My 3 balls of Prism got me 88cm. It wasn't much fun to knit with at first, because it's wool that has barely been twisted, let alone plied. I wet blocked it to the ironing board, and stretched it out to 1.2m. It was a little long for the board! hehe.

See the little bit of yellow on the end? That's how much I had left. Now I have to decide if I should buy another $6 ball just for a fringe, or use something similar from the stash. I am contemplating matching mittens or wrist-warmers.

Now I'm onto Byron's birthday top, which is this top in yellow Zoomy, size 1. It is so much fun! I knitted a swatch (!!) the first night and ripped it back and knitted the back hem. Yesterday and the day before I have almost finished the back. It's such a happy yellow! I went out and bought Byron a grey, white and yellow top to go under it. It's plain stocking stitch, and I was going to jazz it up a bit, but the yellow shades (which never seem to pool at all!) are enough, I think.

Maybe I'll put ears on the hood. And a fuzzy-edge "mane". LOL.

I got some extra spending money, and bought a cheap ball of sock wool I found at Spotlight. It appears to be the same fibres as the Opal (which was 4 times the price) but won't be so nicely self-patterning. My plan is to practice with the blue-brown and then use the orange-pink Opal.

So many projects ahead...

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