Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Casting on is fun!

I'm a bit of a project starter. Love buying wool and making plans. I made another mini circular... this time a 17cm 3.5mm one, and I'm knitting a broadripple sock on it. At least, I started.

Then I went shopping (Friday night is shopping night for Jasmine and I) and found some $2 balls of Zhivago in a pretty shade of... purple? I love zhivago. It's 50% acrylic, and I don't normally like acrylic, but it's also 50% tencel, and SO soft! I decided to use it for a Bunny hop pullover for my friends' new baby.

One of the great things about this project is that I get to use up a $1 ball of yarn I've been itching to use but haven't found a little project worthy of it. I had two balls, one in Rosewood and one in Mahogany. It just so happens that this yarn is the same fiber mix. The Rosewood is the same color as my zhivago, and the Mahogany is a shade darker... the perfect color and amount for the edges on my Bunnyhop.

It took me ages to do the ruffle edge, but I was so pleased with it when it was done. The first row is 185 stitches, and then it decreases down to 55. Now it's simple ribbing. I did about 15cm of ribbing yesterday, which is pretty good for me. Normally I can only do a row here and two rows there, and maybe 5 or 6 rows when the kids are in bed (before I fall asleep myself!)

Can't wait to see how it looks on my little model. I'll dress Jaz in it once for a photo, and then give it away.

Oh, and I finished my first pair of socks.
The cast on is a bit tight to get over my heel, but apart from that they are warm and cosy.


Tara said...

Congrats on completing your first socks! Post pictures of the Bunny Hop in progress soon!

Karin said...

Your socks look great. Congratulations. Now keep going and cast on for another pair.


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