Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mad Christmas rush

I got up early the other morning, since I'd just fed Jasmine and Byron has been waking up around 6am lately... but to my surprise I got 3 hours on the internet! I spent most of it browsing Ravelry and writing a list of Christmas presents to make for all the family.

Of course, I won't make many of them, especially since I can't seem to tear myself away from that soft zhivago. I've finished the back and started the front.

The only thing with the edging is that it requires concentration. So I can't do it while watching the bubs, and I can't do it while tired... that doesn't leave much time. I gave up on it tonight, after two rows, because I keep making frustrating mistakes.

Yesterday was Friday, and Friday is my night off every week. At the moment, Jasmine comes shopping with me, as she hates bottles with a passion! This time I took the pram (instead of the carrier), and she had a marvelous sleep, and then a feed (under a blanket!) while I sat in the food court in Central Square, reading my Interweave Knits magazine (and eating chocolate). Luxury, to have time off. Normally she's happy to come shopping, as long as I keep moving, so I leave my knitting home. But I do like that Interweave Knits magazine. Maybe I'll get a subscription, if I can.

Here's the progress on the Bunnyhop.

The back. I added about an inch to the length of the body, because the picture on Ravelry looks short. Hopefully it won't turn into a dress.

Can you block a project when your yarn is not wool? I don't know much about blocking. I'm guessing that if I soak it and pin it out, it won't do it any harm, anyway...

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