Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girls and boys

Here's what became of the pink. It's a two ply that is 15wpi/ 78m/ 50g. So I can't seem to classify it as a certain weight, but when I use it, I'll just see which size needle fits best! I liked the specky white effect that accidently occurred because I was trying to make it pale, and instead the dye just got used up before it reached the middle.

On the hand-spindle now is the blue, which is a bit less speckly. It's a very cheerful sunny-sky shade of blue, and looks just like the sky outside right now, which, in spite of the season, is almost completely clear of clouds. Byron was out in short sleeves today!

Here are the three nephews' hats: Tim's is "apple", Ben's is "denim" and Ezra's is "mocha". It's Ezzie's birthday in two days, so I have to try to post them later today, when the kids wake up.

They're so thick and squishy! I did them all on 6mm needles with two strands of alpaca rich 8ply held together. Byron's tried them all on. He was sneaking them off the table (where I was wrapping them) and trying to get outside before I noticed. I think he'd like some color rather than his plain grey.

I had three 200g balls of Alpaca Rich, and I've now got about 320g left, so I used less than 100g per hat. Plenty left Ü. I'm a bit tired of 3x2 rib, but it's such a good hat that I'll probably make myself one of each color!
Three more weeks and we will (hopefully) get to find out whether we're having a boy or a girl this time. I should have the blue spun by then (so if it's a boy I can cast on something straight away, even though the poor thing will be born in mid-Summer). It felt like a girl at first (and they are undoubtably more fun to shop for), but then I've seen so many cute boys lately that I'm starting to wish it could be somehow both. Sigh.
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Sinéad said...

Love the speckly effect of your pink handspun, sometimes accidents work out for the best!
The blue is gorgeous too, really vibrant.

Tara said...

Maybe you'll get your wish and have twins :)

Alrischa said...

It is NOT my wish to have twins!!!

Had an ultrasound, anyway, and she said it was just one (phew)...

kelgell said...

Like the hats. They look good all the same but not.
So you gonna find out what the new bub is?? Gonna tell people or keep it secret again? Funny with the shopping. I must be use to shopping for boys now coz when I walk through the baby stuff I find myself looking at all the cute boy stuff more. There is some cute girl stuff though..more for when they're older though I think. But most of the younger stuff is all so ... PINK.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I've been away for too long! Congratulations!

I love the blue, by the way... But that pink's awesome, too.

Ruth's Place said...

The pink is lovely!

Hope the scan goes well.

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