Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, morning sickness has settled down quite a bit. A bit more settling would be good, but I appreciate being able to knit again without just the idea of it making me seasick. I'm over all my old projects (and the Vivian isn't going to fit by the time I finish it, anyway) so I've been making some hats. Good old "A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend", which is a nice plain ribbed beanie with a neat top. I've pulled out some Bendigo Woollen Mills "Alpaca Rich", and I'm making three hats for three nephews. One has a birthday coming up, and the other two are getting theirs early, as wool hats are not the best Summer presents Ü

They're soft and squishy, and fairly quick when you hold two strands together Ü

Here's what became of the orange handspun...

I measured it so that I could figure out it was still "Super bulky", even with only 2 plies. lol. Next:

A more expensive wool from Shiloh called "Silky". (When I say expensive, it's only about $8 per 100g). They do something to it that makes it extra soft. I'm getting this thinner, I think. Not sure if it's practice or the wool. I've got 50g of pink and 50g of blue to make something for this baby.
Pink first, because it still feels like a girl... so far.
Also decided that I shouldn't be making my nephews hats when my son's hat was too small, so he got one made of BWM Luxury. Softest superwash wool ever. Here he is walking around the "lake" with it on (still a drought here) the day he got it. At first he said, "No! Go away!" when I tried to put it on his head (gratitude!) but when I offered it to his baby sister he decided he liked it after all...

His has an icord loop on top, and he likes to hang it up. Where Jasmine can't reach it. hehe.


Ruth's Place said...

Cute hats. My little one loves her hat with an icord loop too. Reminds me it's getting too small.

I love that orange wool, and your spinning is coming along really well!

Tara said...

I love making hats. Different techniques, different yarns, and they're so quick!

Karin said...

Love the hats and the homespun looks yummy. I really like the color.


Sinéad said...

Glad you're feeling better, morning sickness really is the worst. The hats are lovely, I must look up that pattern. I don't make a lot of hats, maybe I should start!

kelgell said...

Ah i do think that icord loop is cute. And not to worry about the spun orange being thick as you seem to favour thick knits at the moment. Quicker. He he.

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