Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What it became

So those are 35cm long, 20mm needles I got for $1.50, and about two and a half balls of cheap Patons Jet. I made a rectangle with a hole in the middle, 50 stitches wide and about 40-50 rows long. (The cast off and cast on were 100st, though). I folded it in half, sewed up the sides, leaving armholes, and strung it up with ribbon into a dress shape.
Jasmine doesn't like to wear it ;) but I will get a picture one day...
It was a quick knit, but not as quick as I thought. Those fat needles are awkward, and the proper diameter is way back from the point. I just had to knit loosely.
Well, back to work, where the house is really messy and Byron has caught whatever gastro bug Jasmine had all last week. Nathan, who's birthday is today, came home feeling sick yesterday, but refuses to take a sicky because it's too much hassle. Byron has had two vomits (including all over his bed) and 3 rotten nappies (it's 9am), and Grandma C is coming over for the party I have to cook for later.


kelgell said...

I guess you added a bit more?? The timing is all wrong. Ha ha. Anyways, I hope Jasmine lets you dress her in that dress sometime. It looks cute when you hold it up on the coathanger and I bet it will look gorgeous on her with little leggings underneath. Hope Nathan's feeling much better by the end of today.

Tara said...

Cute! I hope Jasmine decides to model is soon :)

Sinéad said...

How cute is that dress? Put it on her while she's asleep for a photo ;)
Hope everyone feels better soon!

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