Monday, January 11, 2010

Just the beginning

Unbelievable, but true; we've been trying to get the four sheep shorn since September. Finally, a shearer came over today and entertained the kids by giving them all a good clipping!
Even more unbelievably, the "black" sheep, who were as brown as mud, TURNED BLACK! The disgusting-grimy-grey sheep turned white, and the brown ones turned black. The inside of the wool is SO clean... I wonder if I can just cut the dirty bits off ... Ü
So we have bags and bags of it in the shed, plus a bag full of "stuff you won't want". The shearer was very nice (though expensive, but we've gotten beyond caring at this point) and came just in the nick of time, really. It was already 39 degrees celcius when he left in the morning, and got up to 45 later, according to our thermometer. The other shearers who we've tried to employ kept saying "yes, yes" and then never turning up, which was such a pain, especially when it was hot back in November.
Next; playing with fleece! I must go do some internet research...


Sinéad said...

Wow, that's some hot temperatures. Hope you're not too uncomfortable! I bet those sheep are glad to be rid of their fleece, and you're delighted to have spinning fodder! Have fun learning to use it!

Tara said...

As much as I'd go for warmer temperatures right about now, I think I'd pass on the 45 degrees! Phew! That's some HEAT! Can't wait to see what you do with all that fleece.

kelgell said...

Hey, nice looking sheep. Bet they're loving the shearer. Oo what fun to play with, that they so kindly grew for you. I'm really interested to see how the black wool knits up.

Alrischa said...

My current plan is to wash and card, then have a baby (so I can more easily reach the spinning wheel), then make heaps of yarnies, then find something to make...

The black wool is going to be brown, I think, because you can't really separate the black from it. I think it will be flecky black/brown/tan. It's really quite pale on the outside and black as coal in the middle Ü

Of course, all this will probably take 3 years, and then I'll make 4 hats that will felt up in two seconds... Just as well the process on its own is fun!

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