Saturday, July 31, 2010

Live Below the Line

I just spent about 2 hours browsing the supermarket, late at night, notepad in hand, and then 10 minutes collecting and buying this:

The Global Poverty Project is raising awareness about the 1.4 billion people in the world who live on the equivalent of $2 Australian every day. So I am joining in (see here) to live on ten bucks of food from Monday to Friday next week. No room for luxuries, let me tell you! I couldn't even sneak in a little pack of tea. I pondered my list for a while. No cereal was cheap enough. No way could I afford meat. I got full-cream milk with the intention of watering it down. Stock cubes were 10c cheaper than salt. Yukky cheap marg was cheaper than butter. I haven't got a menu planned out, but it's going to involve homemade bread with no yeast, pancakes with no egg, and NO MILO AT ALL.
Only 5 days, though. Imagine eating like this every day, with no full pantry to fall back on. Don't know how I'd keep my kids healthy.
I'm down to the bottom edge of Picovoli, doing a little 7x1 rib with a smidgeon of lace. Because I'm bored of stockinette... It's just Wool Ease, but I'm loving the tweedy green.

Also I'm spinning a bit of blue and green.

And I used some soft handspun to knit a felted moebius bag. I'm planning to give it to Mum, though I'm unhappy with the long handle. Perhaps it will entertain my math-minded Dad. I'll tell him it's knit in one piece with no seams, yet it's a moebius strip (one edge, one side)... so how did I do it? He'll like that :D

Some wool may also have fallen into the dye pot. This is actually Rit dye, which I apparently should not have used a cooking pot for, but Oh Well. This was BWM Rustic in "Aran". I think it wants to be slippers...

And now I must put my meagre groceries away and get into bed, as it's 1am :) Goodnight.


Tara said...

Wow! 10$ for 5 days, eh? Is that just for YOU, or for the entire family?

Lynne said...

Now that is brave - feeding the family for $10 for the week! Were you allowed to use other foods from the pantry, etc? I guess doing that would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?

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