Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So this month I finished two "Second socks" (the first socks were knitted a while ago, and therefore not counted in the big stash-weigh), a pair of thick socks, a knitted ball and another big Milo. I was given 100g of acrylic (in a color that will match the bridesmaids) by my future sister-in-law, to make Jasmine a wrap. I also bought 650g of yarn. I gained 88g of stash :D
Let's call it 100g, so my total will be 17.8kg, and 12g off for September.
Here is a knitted woven ball, which was fun.

It's just 6 strips of stocking stitch. I did a 10stitch icord, with the yarn laddering loosely across the back, so I didn't have to purl. lol. That part is easy. Then you follow the instructions, weaving it together and sewing the ends together. It doesn't even need to be stuffed. Zach loves it.

Then, to stash bust, I knitted a size 18month Milo but with 6mm needles and two strands held together. Thought it would be big enough for Zach. It's actually a bit too big for Byron. LOL. I ran out of black, so I carried on with some yarn from a different colorway. I test-dyed a piece black, and it comes out just like the first yarn. Even the non-wool flecks refuse to take up the color, so it's nicely heathered.

Of course, I don't have any more black food dye until I go shopping, but it's knitted and therefore counted!!

This isn't mine. It's Jasmine's made by Grandma (my Mum), who has taken up knitting lately. She's made a heap of charity hats, and is now doing the 'grandma thing' by knitting some jumpers. It's a nice soft acrylic. Cute color on Jasmine, too.

And now I'm off to increase my stash by plying some G&G spun singles :D
edit: Here we go. 112g and 112m of navajo-plied wool with nice long green and blue color changes. Should be stripey :D


Sinéad said...

I love that ball, waht a cool idea! No purling AND no stuffing is a winner in my book.
And how lovely of grandma to knit a jumper for Jasmine. Nice colour and raglan decreases!
The milo looks good. I kinda like it with the cream stripe at the end...

Tara said...

So, since implementing the destash project, you've gained 12 g? :) Way to go! Lol. Love your handspun, as always.

kelgell said...

I like the ball too. Interesting. And mum's jumper turned out nice. It's good to have some simple items of clothing.
At least too big with the Milo means it will still get worn by your kids. Just not quite yet. I like your hand spun too. G&G have good fibre. Maybe once I move I'll have a play with mine.

Ruth's Place said...

That ball is awesome!

Lynne said...

Love the ball.

Pretty handspun.

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