Thursday, September 23, 2010


...My credit card slipped...

Do not know what to make with this, but it's Handmaiden Casbah cashmerey goodness.


Got 100g of Koigu in greys, too.


Then some Dream in Color Smooshy fell into the cart. Sigh. Tempted to copy this project... with the same amount of the same yarn.

Have also finished two small things. One new phone sock

and two for the feet. I'm wearing them now. Thick and warm :D


Sinéad said...

Oh drool!
Isn't the Casbah so soft & squishy? I lusted after that yarn for ages and finally got my hands on some in July. mmm.
The Koigu is lovely too, nice & springy. Their colours are great.
BUT, you have my all time favourite sock yarn there in Smooshy. I'd sleep on a bed of that stuff if I could afford it :)

It's like you were buying exactly what I'd buy!
Great haul, enjoy!

Tara said...

Let's face it, if your credit card is going to slip, you want it to slip into the good stuff, right? Excellent stash enhancement. I've worked with Casbah once, and it's absolutely divine.

Anonymous said...

hehe, damn credit cards, making us buy stuff we dont want or need! very nice work!

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