Friday, October 1, 2010

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Yesterday was the end of the month :D. I basically spun/bought 500g and also knit 500g. (The difference was about 10g in the right direction). So I'm stash steady on 17.8kg.
Some finished objectlings:

Fingerless gloves for Nathan, which he requested many moons ago for work. I got... sidetracked... from the boring black, but I whipped up number two in time for our 11th anniversary. (I'm old. I know.) They are Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply, two strands held together, knit on 5mm needles, so pretty tight and thick. The pattern was something like "garter stitch 3, stocking stitch 15, garter stitch 10" until it goes around, then sew up the cast on/off, leaving a thumb gap. Basic but warm.

Garter stitch wrap. Green acrylic (that I was given last month) on 4mm needles. Difficult to contain my boredom. Should look cute on this, though...

...if she can just smile a bit! Tomorrow she is going to be a little flowergirl at my baby brother's wedding. The wrap should keep her arms warm, and match the bridesmaids. Mum made the one for her 10yo cousin and fellow flowergirl, thank goodness. And it only seemed to take her a week. lol.
Then I whipped up this. The perfect project for a nice 100g skein of worsted weight yarn.

Burberry Inspired cowl. Big loose cables. Katie's perfect yarn. Somehow it's now pink instead of red, but I still love it.


Sinéad said...

Well you have been busy! Love the fingerless mitts, I bet they keep Nathans hands nice & warm.
I hope the wedding goes well and the flower girl cheers up! Great pic, btw.

kelgell said...

She looked so cute at the wedding. Funny she hated getting photos taken and would run if you pointed one at her. Beautiful sunshine but it's a bit of a pity she never needed to wear the wrap.

Tara said...

I agree with Sinéad, that picture of crying Jasmine cracks me up! Poor little sweetie. I hope she had fun at the wedding! :)

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