Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jasmine's dress

As part of Fair Trade fortnight, I did a bit of shopping at Tribes and Nations and found some little knitting bags! They're a good size for socks :D

Also finished one little dress for my 2yo. It's the Milo pattern, altered into a dress. I also used 10ply instead of 8, so this size 3 came out quite loose on Jasmine. I used up every skerrick of yarn, and even had to do a bit of green on that icord hem. LOL.

Here are my side seams. I increased every third row on either side of my 10 marked-off stitches under the arm. Then I used up my green with about 6 rounds of garter stitch. To weight it down a bit, I bound off with an icord edge, which is so neat, but eats up the yarn like crazy! lol. Now that it's done, it occurs to me that it now looks like the bottom has curled up. hehehe.

But it's enough to pull down the stocking stitch curl quite well. Jasmine condescended to have her singlet swapped for it, and even stood still for a picture or two.

It's a little loose, which is fine. It's more of a Winter dress anyway, to wear over tights and long sleeves. Looks like it will fit her for a few years!

The blue sky is now gone, and it's raining buckets. That's Spring for you.


Sam said...

It’s gorgeous Tam! Nice work! Jasmine looks pretty happy to be wearing it too- the mark of success ;)

Anonymous said...

gosh thats gorgeous. im pretty sure i want one! what beautiful finishing.

kelgell said...

Probably happy to pose for you coz it was a dress. He he.

Tara said...

I love the colours you used, Tam! And when it comes to knitting for a wee one, it's always better to go a bit loose :)

Ruth's Place said...

This is so cute!

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