Monday, October 4, 2010


I joined Soctoberfest on Ravelry this year. Then, in a seizure of startitis, I started 14 socks. I have 14 toes on needles (not on the same needle, like one man I mentioned a while ago), though I do have 8 on a pair of circs..

But first, here are my sister-in-law's socks. My brother got married on Saturday, and poor Kylie, who used to live up North, has just experienced her first Ballarat Winter. So Kelly made them (her) a blanket to wear while she sits on the couch. And I coordinated (kind of) to make them socks. I used the Mulga and Eucalyptus (as in Kelly's project) of Bendigo Woollen Mills classic 8ply, and threw a dice to randomize the stripes. :D

Here are Matt's. He is about 6'4, so his socks were a bit more work!

These last few days I've cast on
1. Socks for me in the new Casbah
2. Socks for me in some old EGMTK in a brown and green that makes me thing "Peppermint Crisp!"
3. Blue and yellow hand-dyed 10ply to make some for Byron, because he says he wants them.
4, 5, 6 and 7. Socktopus. LOL.
I'm not sure any of them will get finished, but it will be nice to have some sock-choice! :)
Now, I swear I tried and tried, but when I finally got Jasmine to put on her wrap, she Would Not Stand Still. See?...


Tara said...

14 socks! Good God, woman, are you MAD??? :) Hope you get to enjoy some beer during Socktober Fest, you're going to need it!

Anonymous said...

did you really just say 8 on a pair of circs!? you crazy sock woman.

Ruth's Place said...

I endured one Ballarat winter, very cold!

14 pairs of socks!! There are no words...

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