Thursday, October 7, 2010

8 toes

Here's a pic for DrK. Eight little sock toes on two circs. Each sock is only 22 stitches around, so they're not much work each, though it takes a while to get around them all. Bit of fun. L-R: a grey/pink/blue bamboo sock yarn from Wired for Fibre, multicolored sock yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills (bargain room), green Dream in Color smooshy, Elizabeth (by Wired for Fibre) in Waterlillies, BWM luxury 4ply handdyed, grey Koigu, handdyed 4ply sock yarn (?Sullivans) in rainbow stripes, WFF Rita (sock yarn) in Opulent.

A little blue and yellow stripey 10ply sock yarn for quick and easy socks for my 3yo.

One finished blue sock that will probably suffer SSS for the rest of its life. The afterthought heel worked well, though I should have made it bigger, I think.

Zach in his little fat hat, which is just a tube of Jet, two strands held together, kitchenered at the top. Why make anything complicated when he looks so cute in the simple stuff?

Here they all are in the back seat. Three baby seats are going to be squashed in there for a while, as you need a kids seat until they're 7, now. Note Byron's new jumper from Grandma :D


Tara said...

Aw, they're so adorable asleep in the back of the car! :) I really like the blue and yellow stripey sock yarn, can't wait to see it knitted up!

Sinéad said...

Aw, sleeping beauties in the back seat. I love cars, the ability to knock them out asleep is a life saver sometimes!
Great projects you have on the go, the little socks are adorable. Like Tara, I love the blue & yellow sock yarn!

Anonymous said...

i am still amazed at the 8 socks at once, it looks so cute like that! and that photo, speaking of cute!

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