Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Browns' chook hopped over the fence to tell me the Tosh Gum was ready for harvest.
And she was right. Thanks girl.

Picked three Madeline Tosh skeins in the flavors Forestry, Amber Trinket and Filigree.

Also found some Dream in Color Smooshy out on the log, wearing a name tag that said "En vino veritas". Doesn't that mean something like, "The truth will come out if you drink too much red"?

In the letterbox was a little parcel from Fair Trade Connections. I'm doing a little 2 weeks challenge, where you have to spend $2 a day on Fair Trade products. Got this green wallet from an Indian leather shop, where they get paid a decent wage for their work for once.

I had a break from socks to whip up matching hats for the kids. It stash busted a few grams of yarn, and they all wore them for a few days, until it turned warm. Spring!

Then I had another anti-socktober tantrum, and cast on a milo dress for Jasmine. I'm making this in Lauren (by Wired For Fibre) and it's speeding along nicely. Already used about 200g.

Byron is wearing his socks around with enthusiasm. Last week he said to me as I walked past, "These socks are nice and comfy and warm!"

"That's good, Byron," I replied. "Maybe you can tell people at playgroup that I made them for you."

"NO! They might say, 'you can't have those socks!'... I don't want to tell anyone! I'm serious!"






Tara said...

It's a yarn tree!!!! Do they only grow in Australia? :) Cute picture of Zachary sleeping, by the way. Sleeping babies! *Sigh*

Alrischa said...

Yeah, we pick it and send it to America, and they send it back. It's a postage scam, but check the label, if you like: 100% Australian merino. (Merino is a type of eucalyptus).

kelgell said...

LOL! If only... Yarn trees. Nice idea. Funny story. Funny kid for that matter. Byron says some hilarious things.

The hats are cute and nice that they're an easy whip up. And I look forward to seeing the milo dress. Should be cute.

And is that Zachary in the cot now??

Anonymous said...

i just love those hats! and a Tosh Tree, what a fabulous idea. we should all have one of those!

me said...

How lovely to have a yarn tree, plus those darling kiddos! Plus chickens next door - such a fun neighborhood! Keep up the inspiration, as it is such fun to see!!!!

Lynne said...

Kids say the funniest things. My GS#1 isn't even talking yet - just babbling - and he's very funny!

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