Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I think I'm one of the slowest knitters I know! Apart from the recent wedding, the gardening, the little girl's first haircut, reading Tara Moss and "Eat Pray Love" and my book about Grameen again, and watching Australia blitz the Commonwealth Games (between cartoons) I've had nothing to do except these tiny socks, and it's taken me almost 2 weeks!
Slack. (The three kids and 6 other pairs of socks are no excuse.)

I do like the multi-tone effect caused by accidently dyeing the skein while twisted up (where is my brain?) and despite how huge they seem to me, they somehow fit Byron's feet well. Sigh.
Also bought 200g of fingering handspun from overseas somewhere. It was more multicolored in the picture, I thought, but I just plan to ply it together and knit some soft hats or something.
35g knitted, 200g bought. Hmmm.


Tara said...

Yeah, 3 kids are no excuse for not having any knitting time... NOT!

Sinéad said...

Lol! It only took me, what, 4 months? to knit my most recent pair of socks! You're far too hard on yourself.

kelgell said...

Hey the stripes worked out quite well. Is B happy with them since he asked for them?

Anonymous said...

theyre really cute socks tho!

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