Saturday, January 22, 2011


Zachary Ethan, my cute little dark-haired boy

has morphed into a happy little blonde cherub

and so he gets his birthday jumper, made from BWM classic 12ply and handspun from Garments and Gadgets.

I started with the scarf, for something to do. But when it became clear that my DEC 4th order from WEBS was not going to make it in time (and it is still unsent) I decided to pick up some stitches on the side and knit it down into a birthday jumper. To add some yarn (as I only had 200g of the pale green) I used about 100g of handspun, and I'm actually pretty pleased how good the dodgy stuff looks, when mixed with some factory-made yarn ;)

Not completely happy with the fit, but it is as warm as toast, and looks cute.
Now, to sweep the floor, blow up some more balloons, and get that icecream cake out of the freezer!
Happy first birthday, baby boy!


Yarnosophy Bron said...

What a gorgeous cherub! Happy birthday to him :-) And it's a great jumper, too!

Sinéad said...

OMG Zach is one? What? Did I fall and hit my head and lose a year? Woah. He looks so cute though, the jumper looks fab on him. Happy birthday!

Karin said...

My goodness he has grown. Love the jumper.


Tara said...

Happy Birthday Zachary! You look very handsome in your jumper ;) So, when can we expect baby #4 to make an appearance? :)

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