Friday, January 14, 2011

Yarn diets.

I lost 1.2 kilos of stash in the last half of 2010. Then I spent ALL my money on yarn. I'm expecting 5, yes five, yes FIVE parcels of wool, adding up to about 4.5 kilos.
If any of you are thinking about yarn dieting, beware. The rebound weight gain can be severe!
I got my first package on Tuesday, but didn't have a chance to go to the post office until today (Friday) when Nathan came home early from work so as not to be trapped out of his house by rising rivers and flooded roads. It wasn't too severe, as it turned out, but since he was home, I went for a little drive. It did take me about 40 minutes to find a way to the post office, but I made it! Now I've got a supply of Bendi Luxury 10ply (because you should always have a supply of that). Exactly 1.2 kilos. lol.

Here's a bit of s62011 sock club progress. My Shur'tugals are up to the gusset increases. I'm enjoying the twisty pattern, and even started doing the infamous left twists as instructed. The yarn is great, too; it's Dream in Color Smooshy, and it's very smooshy so far. I haven't been doing much else, though I must get onto a Birthday Jumper soon, if Webs would just send me my yarn!!



Sinéad said...

Love the way a knitter will travel around floods and adverse weather to get to the post office for yarn! Hope everything is ok with you, the weather there has been all over the news here.
Love the sock pattern, it's very interesting. Looks good in that colour, and of course it's smooooshy. Mmmm. Lust.

Anonymous said...

your socks look fantastic! im not feeling very inspired by the pattern myself. and im waiting on webs too, i think they are having some snow delays!

Crafty Tuesday said...

'Yarn diet' teehee, I like it :-)

Karin said...

Love the pattern in the socks! The color is very pretty too.

Tara said...

It's as I suspected all along : as with food dieting, yarn dieting causes much more harm than good ;)

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