Saturday, August 13, 2011


I haven't even started the jumper planned with the last lot of Madelinetosh I bought yet. (Planned for next month) but I was considering this pretty blue called Nebula. I had just decided I shouldn't spend so much until I'd used up the jumper-yarn I had first, when someone decided to sell 8 skeins of this exact stuff second-hand (but untouched) on Ravelry for about half price :)

It's MCN worsted, which is merino, cashmere and nylon. It's very very lovely to knit. I took the kids to an indoor playground and neglected them while I knit a square out of the mushroom-colored stuff. Sigh. For something that's going to take me about 500 hours to knit ;) I may as well spend an extra few cents an hour on Nice Yarn.

I also got a package of baby alpaca to spin, all the way from Knit Nation in London (care of my little sister). I sent her something from Bendi, so it's swaps all around :) This stuff is so soft it feels like you're putting your hand in a bag of cotton balls.

Next loom project is a scarf for Byron, one which he wanted but does not want to actually wear. LOL. He wanted all black, but I found some BWM rustic 12ply that I'd overdyed black, which had bits of dark purple and green showing through, and some almost-black green (the leftovers from his birthday jumper) and warped the loom with alternating strands of those two. Then I did the weft part with all black BWM luxury 10ply.

Just enough color to keep it interesting, but not enough for Mr AbsolutelyNoColors to be happy with. He assures me he likes it. He just doesn't want to wear it "right now" thanks.


Lynne said...

I think the warp threads add just that little hint of colour and interest! Lovely! Perhaps the weather is just a little too warm now for "Mr AbsolutelyNo Colours"!

kelgell said...

Yeah, I like Byron's scarf. Though it isn't what he actually asked for. He WAS very specific about the all black, no colours. Ha ha.
Enjoy the alpaca. Glad it made it.

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