Monday, November 28, 2011


 This has been part of a secret mission for the Order of the Phoenix. I can only show you a snippet, but I can give you some stats....

-23.24 meters of weaving (about 76 feet)
-1.228 kg of yarn used (about 43 oz)
-4.176 km (4567 yards) of yarn destashed
-70-80 hours of work, and Nope. Not sick of weaving yet!

But for variety, I did a bit of spinning. It's a merino/bamboo/silk mix from the Bendigo Sheep and Wool festival this year. Took me a while to fit it into DADA homework for the HP game. I had to make something that could be used as a form of identification (like a security question).  Hmmmm...?

Luckily, there was a lot of spin-time to think about it.

And now I've finished my goals for this month, so I'm going to relax a bit and READ. Currently reading "Les Miserables", which is a great book, except for Victor Hugo (as he does) going off on a tangent for dozens of pages...(Just as Jean escapes jail, Hugo decides to give a 40-page account of the Battle of Waterloo. I slogged through it all, so it had better be relevant later!) There's a new movie version coming out in the near future, which I'm going to see, but I'm going to read the book first. It's quite heavy (especially when you tend to read in bed, like I do) (I kept drifting off to sleep and dropping it on my face!) :) so I bought a Kindle just for that book  ...I may have uploaded a few more since then. Hehehe.

Having said that, I have some letters to write, some parcels to post, some housework to do, socks to darn... and I want to finish some more knitting... and cast something else on...


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kelgell said...

Ha ha. I love your HP Assignment stories.

Nice scarves too. Good to see them all together and done. Your weaving is nice too. Quite smooth looking.

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