Thursday, November 17, 2011

Possibly scarves...

hehehe. If you haven't gathered this by now, I'm making ten woven scarves for Christmas presents. The deadline (because it's also part of the Harry Potter game on Ravelry) is the end of November, so if you're feeling a little sick of the weaving, the end is in sight.

But until then...

...a matching scarf for Kylie (the brown and green one from the last post is for my brother, Matt, and this is for his wife Kylie. The stripe pattern is the same.) The red is WM in Sanguinella, and the black is some BWM sock yarn, I think.

Then there's Abby's

She's my niece, so she gets a colorful one, which is half Dazzle (the blue that I used for my "All You Need Is Love" mittens, a present from Kelly in England, which is blue with speckles of green and purple) and half hand-dyed. I remember making a really long skein, 12 meters, and dipping each end slowly into the dyes until the color faded away.

This one is for Tim. The warp is that Bugga sock yarn that made my Elijah look like he was wearing army camo. The weft is Wired For Fibre alpaca 4ply, which is really soft, though it did have some grass in it. It lightened the color a lot, so it doesn't look army green, but would still match all his army-green clothes ;)

Well, Zach is awake, so I'll give him a drink, and then get back to work. I've nearly finished my "Muggle Studies OWL" (lol) so, a post on that in a few days :)


Lynne said...

The scarves are so beautiful! They nearly make me want to take up weaving!!

Alrischa said...

Nearly? Well, I'll have to try a bit harder next time ;)

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