Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Knit All the Things!

So far in January.

Finished off a hat in my handspun (Detention)

Dyed my merino in green-blue. The rust spots were an unexpected present from the wire mesh basket I made to lift it from the slow cooker, but its ok. Just adds flecky interest...

Jasmine, wearing the woven scarf I made her (Potions) in Three Hours. It's 2.6m long.
New baby lamb, and her mum, Daisy.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn.

LL Solemates sock yarn

Manos del Uruguay Silk blend

More Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend

More LL Shepherd Sock :)

And a jumper-worth of Madelinetosh Vintage in Sequoia. Very pretty red-brown.
I've spun 2 of the 5 braids for my OWL (into singles, anyway) and then, bored of plain blue-green :) dyed some merino-silk into rainbow colors. Half of that is spun so far. I've started Zach's 2nd birthday jumper (11 days to go); I've done the back and half the front, though the intarsia is hateful challenging frustrating something that I won't bother to do again for a while! (The concept is simple. The ends are making me crazy!). I've also started two hats, one in handspun and one in Noro scraps. For Quidditch this term, I'm going to make lots of little sheep, I think. (At least, I'll make one and see if it makes me want to make more) And for my Order of the Phoenix mission, I'm approved to make Ginevra's Pullover.

I feel busy.

The Slytherins have a saying: Knit All The Things!! It comes from this funny blog post, which always cracks me up. It's hard to read it and not say "Oh no... that's me!" hehehe.


kelgell said...

I can't get over how big your kids look. All that yarn makes me feel like going shopping. :) Looks lovely. I like the rust spots on your dyed fibre. Wonder how it will look all spun up.

Alrischa said...

The rust stains are sort of on the outside of the fibre rope, so they get stretched pretty thin when they're spun. It's not easy to see them; just makes the yarn look a tiny bit semi-solid, maybe. I'll take some plied up pictures soon...

Tara said...

Yup, as lovely as all the knits and yarn (!) are, all I can think is "Is that Jasmine?? She's so grown up!!!".

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