Monday, January 30, 2012

Zachary 2

This little jumper has been my Large Project of the Month. It's Zac's birthday jumper (2 on the 22/1/12) and I saw the pattern in the magazine Kelly had sent Mum for Christmas. Not wanting to borrow hers (and risk it getting wrecked) I found a copy and started making it early in the month.

It's been a while since I made something with seams like this! I did the plain back first, and then started on the front. Then I discovered my hatred for Vile Intarsia :) and it stalled while I mucked around with other projects. I picked it up again when the time limit started looming, but only got as far as the top of Timmy's white body before the torture became too much, and I finished the rest in green. (There's a headless picture on the rav page linked above :) if you like headless sheep)

I did the rest in green, finishing the crazy-long arms (as you can see, much longer than necessary) a day or two after his birthday, and duplicate stitched the rest of Timmy, which I quite enjoy doing. I sewed it together (not as much fun) and ribbed the neck (fun, now that I'm knitting Continental). There's a split on the left where you put some buttons, and that was fiddly. I didn't pick up and do more ribbing for a button band, but made loops. In the end, I discovered it fits over his head well enough without undoing the buttons at all!

Unlike his first birthday jumper (which was too small in weeks) this one will fit for a while. And he loves it! He didn't want to take it off, despite the fact it was 31 degrees celcius. He did want to dip his arms into the bucket of water he was playing with, though, so I took it off and put it away for a few months!

In other news, I have a handful of other January projects to report ;) in a few days, and all my OWL yarn is spun into singles. It should be plied up soon, so that will add a few meters onto my spinning ticker :)

I also started my next pullover yesterday. It's a top-down seamless one, and I got almost down to the underarms last night during night shift. Unfortunately, I think I've left my Interweave Knits magazine at work, so I'm not going to get much further until I find it. I find myself hoping it will take a lot less yarn than I have, so I can use the same color for Jasmine's birthday jumper. She'd love the pinkness!


Lynne said...

Lovely! What a great birthday gift! And he loves it so that's all you need!

kelgell said...

Sounds like a lot of work--especially when it's unappealing--but it looks great.

Tara said...

Duplicate stitching when you can't stand the Vile Intarsia anymore is brilliant!

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