Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Larva Larva Larva Larva....

(ten points if you can guess that reference)

Happy Valentine's Day, all. We don't usually celebrate it at our place, thinking it a bit silly and commercial, but the hubby then turned up with chocolate, bless him, and mucked up my good run of healthy eating in the nicest possible way :D

Byron had his first day of Kindergarten today, where I wasn't there. I stayed on the first day (last Tuesday) because he'd stressed all week, and so I promised I would. I stayed half the second day (last Thursday) having put myself down for "Morning Tea Helper", but left him (very unhappy... for ten minutes) after that.  Today, I left him there at 9 (I snuck out when he was distracted) and picked him up at 1... a short day, but he was happy, more or less!

I headed to Mum and Dad's to drop off Jaz and Zac, went to the Blood Bank (aka My Fortnightly Lie Down) and then whizzed back home to feed the lamb. Then I picked up the boy, headed back to Mum and Dad's for a bit, and collected the kids.

Hot day, today. It's been cool all week (which I hate in the Summer!) but today was so nice! We let Byron stay up late to watch Star Wars (the one with little Anakin, whatever that's called) which he loved, and now he's unconscious.

So far in February I've finished off two things: a cover for my Kindle (Les Miserables is at 45%... getting there slowly!) and one spin.


Care of Magical Creatures

I have a few other projects in the works. Did a fun dyeing project, which is almost knitted into a hat now, and spun one single for a 2ply. And I've done a few more inches of the Ginny. I started my OWL vest (which is the "Back to School U-neck Vest" on Rav, but when I tried it on it was way too big, so that got frogged.

I've also bought some yarn. No photos, but there is a bucketful of Luxury from BWM (good for dyeing and hats and stuff) and another bucketful of undyed sock yarn I found online. Not sure when I'll get to knit and wear it, because I can't seem to get in the mood for socks at all, but dyeing them will be fun.


ruthsplace said...

The spinning looks lovely.

kelgell said...

You sound busy. I take it Byron's been enjoying kinder even with the adjusting to being there with people he doesn't know well.

The kindle cover looks great. Simple but that shows off the nice yarn.

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