Thursday, February 23, 2012

A few more February projects

In Muggle Studies we studied Leap Years, and I made a woven "blank" and painted it with 29 stripes (in honor of Feb 29)

Worked out the math so that each stripe would make 2 rows of a hat (with the occasional 3-row color just for fun and randomness)

which I then knitted into a hat for Astronomy. We studied Galileo and his heliocentricity ideas. From the top it looks very circle-y)

This was for the Slytherin's Lingerie-a-long :)

and also part of my homework for Potions, wherin we studied Shrinking Solution.
And I finally started some Quidditch. This term we can make 15 items that go into one of three sections. I didn't feel inspired to make anything until I realized I could dye some wool for the Charity section. This is going to be used for Socks for Pakistan
The top 4 are self striping, and should make 10 stripes per sock. This is what it looks like just after dyeing, and before re-skeining it. To dye this self-striping yarn, I made a massive skein, wrapped around a fence post and a chair 9.5m apart. I dipped it slowly into a dye pot, and it used up the dye as it went in, making the gradient. Then you have to reskein it into a manageable size! Making four of these required 3.2km of walking, just to skein and reskein. But it's fun, and worthwhile :)

Kissy Update: Last time I tried to weigh him he was well over 4kg (but wouldn't cooperate!) Now that Nathan has made this feeder box and Kissy doesn't have to wait on our convenience and patience, he's getting much fatter! He's even been out playing with his older cousins, jumping and running. But he's just as happy to follow Zach down the paddock, bouncing around him. Just like a puppy! :)

Edited to add: Oops! Forgot to mention the lamb earlier... it's the Slytherins I've been talking to... Anyway, one of the Ewe's (Barley) was sick. We now think she got septic from a dead twin, because one was born dead, and she wouldn't feed this little runt. We got some milk replacement for him, though he would barely suck, and when he was about 36hrs old we found Barley dead. So he's been living in an enclosure by the back door. He was 3.2kg in this photo, and about 2 days old. Bag of bones, sick and hunched up with no energy, and hardly any desire to drink milk. But he somehow survived :) He's exactly like a puppy, and very affectionate. Byron called him Kissy.


Lynne said...

Beautiful striped hat. Cute lamb.

kelgell said...

Love the feeder box. Nifty idea and cute to see Kissy using it. So much knitting/dyeing going on. I've been busier with work and I feel I've hardly any time to myself (just a lot less than normal). I don't know how you mums do so much. I guess I would adjust if I did this long term. All that dyeing looks great. Ah, wish I could just pop by for an arvo and check it all out.

ruthsplace said...

Great projects. Love the dyed yarn, and the feeder box is brilliant.

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