Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bye Bye Summer

I spun these two Kathy's Fibres merinos up. Got the top one (Timber) in Bendigo, and the bottom one (Forrest) online. Then I plied them both together.

Don't know if I like it plied together. I've seen lots of multicolored 2ply yarns that look great, but I can't seem to figure it out. Maybe they need to be more twisted... Anyway, this was for Defence Against the Dark Arts. Centaurs. Duality. Etc.

Herbology. The pattern is Flora, and I did it in the suggested yarn (for once) which is Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. At first I didn't know if there was enough contrast, but I like how it turned out. Except it's a bit big! I have been overestimating the size of my head lately! (Or my brain is shrivelling...)

These teeny hats are for Quidditch. They fit my kids (age 2-4) and are for Christmas boxes later in the year (The charity is Operation Christmas Child.) Three of these to go. I was knitting the third one today, and two kids asked me to knit them a hat. One was Byron's oldest friend (ie from birth) Zara, who already has one of my hats and a proper respect for knitting :). The other one was a 5yo in Macka's that I'd never met, but he was much more interested in my hat than his lunch. (I bet your Auntie will make you one, William, since she made your jumper, kid.)

Here's the progress on Ginny. I stopped short on the sleeve because I'd heard rumors of MadelineTosh Vintage and it's ability to grow when you "Just Add Water". So I soaked the sleeve and laid it on a towel. It grew about 4cm. So I think I'll knit 5cm more. Then I have another sleeve and a bit of weaving to do.

And I won the pattern for these! lol! We have prizes at Hogwarts. Not sure I'll ever get to these, but I love looking at them. Those soles are awesome :D

Today, I'm feeling achy and cold. I decided to test the theory that buying yarn keeps away the flu, and so I stumbled around the Jimmy Beans website until I found some Malabrigo and Madelinetosh that said to me "Make me into a jumper for Jasmine and something for the new baby, too!" (I'm getting a new niece or nephew in August.) So I said, "No worries... but what if the baby is a niece and doesn't like blue and green?" and the Malabrigo said, "Buy me Buy me".

I'm sure I'll buy some pinker stuff next month. Just in case. You know.


Esther said...

Baby nieces like blue and green too...

But baby nephews (and their Daddy's) probably are not such fans of wearing pink.

Did I tell you that the Elijah you made for Bethy has inspired Abby. She thinks he looks like a figure-skating elephant and she is writing a story about "Elijah, the world's smallest figure skating elephant" (and his best friend Pop-star Poppy).

Alrischa said...

LOL! I might have to buy that one after it's published, and an extra one to pass on to Ysolda Teague.

On Friday or Saturday, I'm starting a present for Abby in pink, assuming she still likes it, but if she likes blue and green better now, let me know :)

kelgell said...

Ha ha. Love the story idea. I HAVE to hear it when it's done. Sounds fantastic. I just packaged Abby's present here. Three little green, one pink/purple and one purple. OH, and some gold. ^^

I like your little story on the yarn shop. Made me laugh. So how's the cold? Does it work?

I like your herbology project too. Looks really good. Funny to actually use the suggested yarn. I'm not sure I've done that with any patterns yet. Ha ha.

Esther said...

Oh... are you allowed to use the suggested yarn for patterns? :) I don't think I have ever done that either.

Abby still wears lots of pink (And purple, and blue. She probably would wear green, but it isn't a common colour in girls clothes in shops at the moment.) She told me last night that she likes red and black too. I think she's fairly easy going with colours actually.

I'm not sure how much progress she has made with the story. She has been busy writing stories about the Mario Brothers characters and the librarian at school has asked her to write some stories to put in the school library also.

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