Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OWL number 3

In the Harry Potter Books, an OWL is an exam, also known as Ordinary Wizarding Levels. For the knitting game I'm playing, you don't have to be in fifth year, but you have to choose a subject and follow the prompts (listed here), write a proposal and wait for it to be accepted by the (volunteer) OWL examiners :)

It has to be a challenge, and it's supposed to take a good 8 weeks, so when I chose Transfiguration Option 3, I decided just spinning up a small garment's worth of yarn wouldn't take me long enough. Sure enough, I was finished by the end of January, I think. I didn't do much of this in February (none... hehe) so I had to get to work this month. Luckily I finished it with a few days to spare.

Remember this roll of merino?

It got dyed with a mix of my new Ashford dyes,

spun up into 600m of three-ply

And knitted up into the Back to School U-neck Vest. I made some alterations here.

Also added in some sneaky hip increases here :)

And it fits. It would look better a little longer, but I had 3g of yarn left at the end.

Since then, I've had a break from rib-rib-rib-rib-ribbing and done some more spinning. This is Kathy's Fibre in Strelitzia.

Also won a prize for my Potions homework in Feb, and Kreachr (on Rav) sent me this across the Tasman... 126g of New Zealand merino in a color called Johnathon. Very appley :)

I finished knitting Ginevra's Pullover, washed it and pinned it flat to dry. While that was drying I wove the collar insert.

But I haven't been able to make it work to my satisfaction. In fact, fixing this is going to be an April project (as there is no Harry Potter game on in April; it's a holiday month.)

Plans for April
Finish 99% of my Vivian
Finish Les Miserables
Fix Ginevra's pullover
Plan the next OWL.

Plans for this week.
Finish the tube socks.

Kissy Update: he's been weaned and kicked out of the enclosed yard. He's been wandering around with his "cousins" ever since, but he'll still race over for a pat if you go outside :)


ruthsplace said...

Love the vest, it's turned out great.

Lynne said...

The vest fits very well and the strelitzia yarn is gorgeous.

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