Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So far in June

Being sick of lace, I took a few hours off to dye yarn for Quidditch. It had to be something in House colors, so I picked Slytherin :) and made a long skein of self-striping sock yarn.

Also dyed some blue yarn for Herbology ("something blue" was a nice easy option!), which I'm now knitting into a cowl for Potions ("use yarn dyed with food dye"). Most of my classes this month are going to be simple ones, to give me more time for the Advanced Studies.

Advanced Studies = OWLs and Order Missions. Here is half of my "Order of the Phoenix" mission, all done. These are the Tour de Sock stage one socks. They're on cardboard blockers, because I made the foot too short...

...see? I thought they'd stretch a bit, but they didn't stretch enough, and I can't have that lacey heel flap under my heel; it won't last, even in Wollmeise Twin. So I'm going to redo the toe some time and make it longer. Or give them away to someone with an 8" foot length...

This is the OWL as of right now. I've finished Welt 12 (62 rows), and after the next welt I'll have half the stitches I started with. I got to about welt 8 before I realized I was decreasing on the knit welts but not that purl welts... and I had 60 more stitches than I should have! I've decreased them out, now. Hopefully the edge won't be too... ruffled! lol. It was only an extra thousand-or-so stitches of work. :)

The next socks in the Tour de Sock were colorwork flowers. Didn't think they were my cup of tea at all, so I'll do other things and wait and see what pattern comes up next. I'll be out of the official competition, but that's ok. Never planned to finish it. I got my 1 point for Hagrid's Army (I think we got 3 or 4... lol) and now I'll just cheer on. Hehe.

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Lynne said...

As I suspected, a nice looking sock.

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