Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Three bags full

This year I didn't need anything big, so all my money was free... to spend on yarn!

The fleece is a Romney fleece. It's actually a faded Mooritt, which means a dark wool sheep who's been a bit sunbleached. I wanted to get BFL until I found out that it's kind of  hard to get in Australia, so Romney was the next best type, according to my information. I'm going to use it for my NEWT project in the Harry Potter game. More on that later :) Also found some "Skein" yarn, and picked up 4 colors that I liked together. At the Ashford stall I found some Opal sock yarn. I certainly don't need sock yarn, but I like Opal. It's not the softest, but it sure takes a long time to wear holes! Plus, Jasmine is going to need some of those rainbow socks.

At the same place I got the Skein, I also found Madelinetosh and Malabrigo. I got Slytherin colors of each :) and three of the Madelinetosh Vintage in Bark, which is a pretty brown. The blue merino/silk is a soft and shiny one from Lara-Downs.

I ran into Kylie Gussett, who is responsible for the Ton of Wool project I may have mentioned. She decided that it was bad that Australia sends all their lovely wool overseas to get processed, and basically no yarn brand is entirely 100% Australian, sheep to skein. Except this. She got a bunch of Ravelers together in a Crowd Funding exercise. When enough people had promised a certain amount she bought a ton or so of Tasmanian Cormo, and had it processed locally, spun, she dyed quite a bit (as people wanted) and did a LOT of posting! I paid for 3 skeins of white, and got them about 5 or 6 months later. But Kylie had more at Bendigo, so I grabbed three more skeins and a bag of fibre to spin. I bought more colorful fibre next door, at Kathy's shop.

Also found a handful of bits. Got some T-pins for blocking, and two shawl pins, a bigger bottle of scour to clean my fleece, a boat shuttle for weaving, and Mr Ashford gave me a handful of Angelina to play with, free of charge (or maybe to get rid of me because I spent so long there watching him make sparkley batts! lol) The Knitpicks shawl pin gave me a nasty splinter that took me 20 minutes to dig out, so that's in the naughty drawer. But the one that Spinningwoodie made looks very nice in the

...completed OWL: Silhouette in the Sun.

It looks airy, but it's very heavy, almost a kilo, and it's a bit like wearing a blanket.

Next time: the end of the Tour de Fleece, and the start of the Ravellenic Games!


ruthsplace said...

Oh, nice haul of yarn and fibre!

Love the cardigan too.

Esther said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. I really, really must go some time.

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