Friday, November 2, 2012

Hermione's Everyday Socks

Happy 29th birthday to my little brother, Matthew! Don't worry; these aren't for you...

I decided to join a "swap" and the theme was "things for your desk". So I designed, knit and felted ten pen cosies for Joseybug, and also sent her some Aussie things, Tim Tams, pictures, gum leaves... I also got 150 points for them in the Quidditch Endurance game on Ravelry's Harry Potter House Cup. Joseybug was one of the two Quidditch captains, so I had to send a secret message to the *other one* until she got her package. Fun. :)

This is a pointless fun little thing, just to get me some points in History of Magic, and also Nerd Wars. Because the House Cup isn't enough work, I joined Team Tardis in the Nerd Wars game, too :)

NEWT socks number 4 are Hermione's Everyday Socks in my "ValJean" colorway. They're the first socks that I've made from fleece to foot, adding some tencel into the mix (and some sparkley, stuff, sorry Jean) and Kid Seta to the sole again, because the yarn really was too thin for 2.5mm needles. The pattern...

is very simple. It's a plain knit row every second round, and the alternate rows are K3 P1. But you alternate so that the purls are staggered, iykwim. It pulls the stitches into diamond-ish shapes, very texturey.

The next pair is already up to the ankles. I finished these Boot Socks up to the heels last night, using Cat Bhordi's Sweet Tomato Heel, which I quite like. Now I've changed up from a 2.75mm to a 3.5mm, because the fabric on the feet really is quite dense. Good on feet, not necessary on legs. the pattern is an allover cable with no purley breaks. I think it might need purl columns, actually, because they look a lot like the Helix ones I recently did, just diagonals... never mind. I like them.

I haven't bought much yarn lately, so I got some of Pacasha's interesting "Shire String" sock yarn. I love the freckly speckles! These one's are called Elanor Gardener and Samwise.

Who knows when I'll get to them! I have lots of things still lined up...

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