Thursday, October 18, 2012


NEWT socks number 3 are Two Yarn Resoleable socks. The construction is a bit weird but fun.

You're supposed to start at the cuff, but I did a provisional cast on, because I had limited yarn yards. I used some yarn I made with one of my first fibre-mixing experiments (the white stuff = BFL/mohair/merino/angora) and the colorful stuff is merino. As you see, you knit the leg, put the back on hold while you do the instep, then you pick up stitches around the instep. You return to the back of the leg and knit the square heel flap, turn the heel, pick up stitches along each side of it, and start knitting back and forward, joining the side stitches to the instep stitches one by one.

The idea is that, when you wear out the sole, you can just reknit it. This stuff is so thick, though. I'm not sure it will ever wear out :)

I think the next pair I start will have another different sole. Someone on one of the Ravelry spinning groups explained to me how Padded Footlets work, and I'm intrigued enough to test it out.


kelgell said...

Intriguing idea. And I like the look of them too.

Bells said...

honestly that's just something I have to think about doing. I'm so hard on my socks. I never like my darning work on them - this really should be something I learn to do!

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