Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Socks the Second of my handspun socks experiment/ NEWT project (make 6 pairs of socks from different handspun mixes): Scylla

Kathy's Fibres, 70% BFL and 30% mohair

Spun back in July, I think, into fingering weight 3ply

Knitted up into Scylla socks

Held a strand of mohair (Kid Seta) together with the sole stitches for extra thickness and better wear (apparently)

The inside: you just chop the ends of the kid seta short and leave them; they're sticky enough to stay put just like that :)

And now I have 7 weeks to finish 7 more socks!! Hope I can manage to finish by the deadline! :)


ruthsplace said...

These are really lovely. Gorgeous spinning

Sinéad said...

great socks! The pattern suits the yarn perfectly.

kelgell said...

Interesting idea with the mohair sole padding. Only, my socks wear out over my big right toe before anywhere else. Followed by the spot over my big left toe. I'd need toe padding more.

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