Saturday, September 22, 2012

Handspun sock yarn

I finished the third lot of handspun sock yarn for my NEWT today, the one I called Marius, that is blue, purple and redNOTPINK. (Marius really is not a pink sort of guy. But a good red is difficult to dye, apparently, and mixing white mohair into it does not help.)

This one is not as thin as the other two. It's still 18 wraps per inch, but the 209g measured just under 400m. I think it's more of a sport weight or dk than fingering, so I might try 3.25mm needles for the socks.

ValJean, Cosette, Marius
4290m (4692y) of handspun singles.

I also finished the first pair of socks, made from hanspun merino/nylon that I dyed and spun a few months back, and called "10nant". (I've gotten addicted to Dr Who)

The pattern is Helix from the book "Brave New Knits". Nothing hard about it, though. I changed it to toe-up (so as to be able to knit until the yarn ran out) and also did right twists instead of left twists, which are much easier. The next pair of newty socks is Scylla, and I'm on the second sock...

I finished Jasmine's brioche scarf. It has one error I couldn't figure out how to pick up. The pattern is easy. It's basically just "yarn over, slip stitch, k2tog" repeated on every row, but it makes a funny looking stitch that I couldn't figure out how to actually repair, and probably would have needed a lifeline to frog back a bit. Worth trying, though. Ribbing without purling!

(I'll manage spindleknitter's impossible brioche cable socks one day!!)


kelgell said...

Nice sock yarn. Red is a bit of pain to dye with but I like the colour mixes.

And Jasmine's scarf...Sounds like an interesting stitch. I can't imagine ribbing without doing purls. At least it wouldn't matter to her what you made it look like or how many mistakes you made coz it's pink. ;)

Sinéad said...

Love the colours of the handspun on the left of your first picture. gorgeous colours. And Jasmine is getting so big!

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