Sunday, September 9, 2012

Three k

I have been spinning my little fingers off lately. I finished Cosette

Stats for the two of them:
183g. 512m of 3 ply. (1536m of singles.)
Length per 100g: 839m
Plan to knit: Cinch

And then I started on the ValJean

It's going to be stripey, because I divided up the batts like this first:

for each skein/sock.

Just before plying. I'm too lazy to change the bobbin :) so I wind off the single with my ball winder, making a "cake" like this, and then put it into a bowl on the floor. I've found that if I sit so the single runs over my jeans leg a bit, the slight tension will pull out the annoying little backtwist worms.

Stats on the ValJean skeins:
168g. 519m of 3 ply. (1559m of singles)
Length per 100g: 928m = Best yet. (in fact, the second skein was 995m/100g)
Plan: Hermione's Everyday socks

Well over 3km in 18 days.

I've nearly finished a scarf for Jasmine, trying out brioche stitch for the first time.

and I tried my hand at art yarn, making a batt out of many different things: hemp, flax, banana, tencel, mohair, angelina, merino, romney, cotton thread and bits of material. It was fun, but I can't think of anything to do with it other than laugh and throw it in the bin :)

Not much else going on here. Might finish some socks tomorrow; we'll see.


ruthsplace said...

Gorgeous yarn.

Do you ply from the centre or the outside of the yarn cake?

Your wild batt yarn could become a bag.

Alrischa said...

I normally ply from the outside, and the ball rolls around inside the bowl (thus the bowl). I've tried the centre, but I always seem to get into a mess. And two-plying from each end - I've made some great tangles that way! :)

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