Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 25

It's the 26th here, but a few hours back, on the 25th, a little piece of cuteness fell out of the stars. She landed at my brother's house, so I'm an Auntie again!! Jasmine is very pleased, as you can see, and her Daddy and Mummy are most impressed.

Lyla Kate
I'm sure I shall cover her in knitting (a Christmas dress is planned...) and take some better photos, too. :)

Also on the 25th, the points were finally tallied

And the clever students of Slytherin won again!

(by Slytherknit on Ravelry)

We can't seem to beat those Hufflepuffs at Quidditch, but we're hard workers in class it seems. I got 1305 myself, according to my calculations, which is the best term yet, for me. But it probably had quite a bit to do with the term being extended to include the Ravellenic Games; those two weeks bumped me up almost 300 points.

Well, so as to maintain the illusion that this blog is about knitting, here are the current handspun socks in progress:

Yarn: 10nant. Pattern: Helix from "Favorite Socks". Almost finished second heel now.

Yarn: Callington. Pattern: Scylla. Stopped at the heel to try and work out weird heel instructions :)

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ruthsplace said...

Cute baby. Love those first handspun sock, the yarn and the pattern look perfectly matched.

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