Monday, January 14, 2013

113 in 2013

I'm participating in the 112 in 2012 group again, although it's now been renamed. The goal is to finish 113 projects in the year. 

So far I've finished off three things. Here's Penty the Pentapus, a quick (but not so easy as I first thought) present for my 1yo niece. Bethi doesn't turn one for a few days yet, but she took possession the minute he was finished :)

Zachary's third birthday jumper, which is Owlet. I used every bit of my 3 skeins of Madelinetosh Vintage for this, except for a teeny ball that weighed less than 10g. He's happy!

(and a bit cute. Can't believe he's nearly three...)

And I sewed on all 38 button eyes the evening before I found googley-eye buttons... sigh... so I had to replace the eyes of the 5 owls on front.  Hehe.

I whipped up a scarf on the loom, using some hand-dyed merino/silk and some white BWM cotton. It's soft, and pretty big. Stats: 240g, 82 ends,  37cm wide and 276cm long (not including the fringe).

Three down, 110 to go. I have a few WIPs on the sticks, though I'm not sure I'll get my 9-10 projects done this month! Doesn't matter too much, hey, as long as I have fun.

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kelgell said...

Zachary is looking so grown up. Three! Penty looks a bit like a reworked glove. He he. And I think you should invest in some cotton or some such hardy, not necessarily soft, yarn and weave up some placemats.

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