Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This little boy, who once sat under a coffee table reading Dr Seuss upside down... heading off to school tomorrow. He can't wait! (Mainly he can't wait to run around madly with his best kinder friend, Aiden, again!) For now it is 4 days a week, missing Wednesdays, until the preps get a bit more used to things.

And this independent little girl
is finally headed off to kinder for 3 days a week. By herself. She thinks that going by herself is the best thing ever!

So Zac is going to spend a bit of time on his own this year. But since his birthday last week (where he got some toys that his older siblings will not leave alone!!!!!) I think he'll cope just fine. Hehe.

As for me, I'm going to get back into some exercise. I'm going to walk around the lake, sometimes with Zachary and sometimes without, while the older ones are away. The weather is so nice, perfect for outdoor exercise, and when it gets cold again, I'll be prepared.

My fingers will be warm. They're nice merino (String Theory DK in "Delft") and so comfortable. The pattern ("17th St" by MediaPeruana (Kristen) in the blog list on the right) is simple and stylish, which she is good at. I'll be able to sit in a coffee shop and knit as soon as I've finished my 6km walk, and I won't need a hot chocolate to warm my fingers on first. (Might need one for other reasons. hehehe)

And that's the only thing I've finished this week. I've been working on Jasmine's rainbow top, and stitching icord onto the Brain of Insanity... more on that if I survive.

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kelgell said...

They're getting so grown up. Well,...well on their way anyway. I can't wait to be a part of it again this year. How often depends on where I get work.

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