Sunday, February 3, 2013

I survived brain surgery ;)

Yep. And my sanity is still intact.

The brain hat is a simple idea, really. Knit a hat, then knit a heap of icord (I used 12m) and sew it on to look like a brain.

The hat took a day or so (I used worsted weight, though, not fingering) and the icord (once I got Jacki's mill cranked up, took a mere "several hours". (I bought an icord mill, and suggest that if you're thinking about it, get an Embellish Knit, not a Prym. Mine dropped stitches a lot, and was very, very frustrating.)

12 meters is longer than I thought. And pinning it all down in a manner that looks brainey, inch by inch, was time consuming. I made mirrored matching hemispheres, which supposedly looks more brainy, and sewed it down while it was stuffed onto a round cushion.

I back-stitched all the icord down. It wasn't exactly fun, but the inside is funny.

And that's 10 things out of 113 for the first month. Now to get onto some more socks...

1 comment: said...

I so glad to read your post! yes the symetry of your "brain" does lend itself to a more realistic look. I am jplanning a KAL with a new knitter who wants t make this as her 2nd project!!
I will pass yoour blogg on to her!

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