Friday, March 8, 2013

Little things

More dyeing :)

Someone in the Harry Potter game ran a little tutorial on dyeing self-striping yarn, and, even though I've done it before, it put me in the long-skein-crazy mood. So I dyed some BFL sock yarn into "house" colors (blue, green, red and yellow) to make stripey socks. It is fun, though the sheep and husband all seem to think me a a bit silly... I used a repeat or two to test it, making up some icord scarves for the mini models :)

Also dyed another self-striping one, but this little skein is small-hat-sized at the most ;)

I'm getting into NEWT part 4: Byron's dragon. The "egg" part is spinning 100g of cormo from the Ton of Wool Project (wherein Kylie Gusset got a bunch of Aussies together to finance her, and took charge of a thousand kilos or so of Tasmanian wool, and made sure it was processed 100% in Australia, and then divided it up amongst the backers) - I've never spun cormo before, and after all the long-fibred Romney, it feels a bit short, like merino, but I think I'm getting it thin enough. It sure is nice and soft!

The "dragon" part - Byron's top - is harder. I'm just not loving the red that he wanted... but I'm  persisting. I'm about down to the underarms, now. The socks are going sooooo slowly. I think I've done about an inch in a week! lol.

I may have gotten distracted knitting baby things

Well, I have 20 minutes to clean this place, and then half an hour to get dinner in, and then my hubby will be home. It's my night off, so I get to run around crazy for the evening sit in the air-conditioned  shopping centre eating chocolate healthy stuff and knitting socks.


ruthsplace said...

Love your dyeing set up outside with the sheep!

Gorgeous yarn and projects as always. I don't know how you get it all done....

kelgell said...

It's so dry!!! Where's your grass gone!? So strange. You've got more sheep now too. Can't wait to come out for a visit. I'll have to come stay a couple of nights.

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