Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finished stuff

The Order of the Phoenix mission (knit four socks, preferably single socks) is done.

I did Hedgerow socks for Gryffindor, in a BFL sock yarn called String Theory Bluestocking. The color was Firecracker, and I loved knitting with it. The pattern is basically columns of moss stitch.

The yellow ones (for Hufflepuff) are Embossed Leaves, and they'd be a great start to lace, I think, as it was pretty simple but looks good. The yarn is Wollmeise Twin in Olio Vergine.

The blue Ravenclaw socks are Tern, and I used Lorna's Laces Sportmate in Navy Pier. The color wasn't really dark enough, so I dyed it a bit bluer.

The Slytherin Green ones are the pattern Brave, which I got in the Tour de Sock last year. The yarn is Shire String (it's all speckley and I loved knitting with it) in the color Samwise, dyed by Pacasha from the House Cup game (see also blogs on the right). I think I started these first and finished them last!

This lot is my handspun Cormo from the Ton of Wool Project. I got 100g or so of it at Bendigo last year, and spun it into 325m of 3ply. It's 20 or so WPI...

I probably could have fit a few more strands into my inch marker there...

Mostly this month I've been getting the socks done and working on Byron's red jumper. It's getting there; should be finished in a few days :) The other thing I have been doing is walking around the lake, and it occurred to me that I could knit as I walked reasonably easily. So

Dyeing this month

Made the yarn for the Hat In Progress with dyece (food dye ice blocks in the steamer)

And dyed some sock yarn with Fair Trade Coffee, stuffed into the jar and left in the sun all day :)

This one is just a dip-dyed-in-a-pot  with green, teal, blue and purple. Should spin into a bit of a gradient; we'll see, I suppose.

And now, back to that silly dragon jumper! Sigh...

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kelgell said...

Interesting coffee dying technique.

My project bags are good for walking and knitting with the wrist loop. Did you try it?

And I like how you used Lord of the Rings yarn for a Harry Potter sock. He he he.

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