Friday, April 5, 2013

NEWT 2 all done

Well, I finished off Byron's top in time to get all the points :) and he's been wearing it quite a bit during the cool autumn days. He loves it.

I don't think I'm happy with the shape; it's really wide under the arms, and the collar looks ok when off, but weird when it's worn. But who cares, if he's happy. He has been pestering me for a matching hat, and Jasmine wants one of her own. lol. That's because they know the image came from this...

Toothless, from "How to Train Your Dragon", their current favorite, which they are watching for the twentieth time as I write :)

The whole NEWT

I also did another rolag and woollen-spinning experiment. I used some black alpaca Kelly had sent me from London, mixed with sparkly bits, and some "Licorice allsorts" merino from EGMTK. NaturallyKnitty gave me the good idea of making rolags on the carder. (She made these) and so I mixed up my merino/alpaca/angelina and made 12 ten-gram rolags up.

I spun from the ends, letting up the twist and stretching it out, and ended up with some shiny dark yarn with flecks of color all through it, if you look up close.

It's so hard to get a picture with accurate colors. Anyway, it's a bit rough, as you see, and I'm going to prefer worsted spinning for a long time, just because I like it even and smooth, but it certainly is fun to try something different. It goes against the grain to let twist up into the fibre like that, though. hehe.

Well, it's April, which means it's the month between "terms" in the HPKCHC, and I'm having a month off :) to try and finish some unfinished things. Mainly I'm planning to work on Gala and Vivian, although I may have started some socks and some spinning... heh.


kelgell said...

Well Byron looks very proud even though I was trying to work out where the dragons head was. With your explanation I've decided I'm definitely coming out next week for a few days. Been wanting to watch that movie since it came out. I also need you to show me your loom and how to play with it so I'm glad you're on 'holidays'. ;)

Alrischa said...

You can make yourself a scarf or something, as it's not in use at the moment :)

ruthsplace said...

The spinning is, as always, gorgeous.

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