Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More six-ply

Two more mashup skeins to report. This one

is my favorite so far, I think. It was a nuisance to spin the Autumn one, because it's a mix of merino, tencel and angora (and angora is fluffy lumpy stuff) but the grey one was hand-dyed merino and silk. I've already knit it up into the top of the Idlewood

It's hard to get a photo of the right colors, though. The grey goes from dark to light, so in the next skein I'll knit the grey in it from light to dark.


I've organized my plans so that as I knit and change skeins, the new skein will have one color from the previous skein and one new one. So the first five skeins will be

Echo - Autumn and Skelegro
Juliet - Skelegro and William 
Alpha - William and Sand (to be spun next)
Charlie - Sand and Oatmeal
Golf - Oatmeal and Strelitzia (to be spun after Alpha)

Aside from the spinning I finished off 5 plain garter stitch blanket squares. They've been sent off to Peanutzmom (on Ravelry) who puts them together for all the babies that get born in Slytherin :)

And I finished off the pair of Tern socks for my sister, Kelly's, birthday

and the Romney-alpaca socks for my sister-in-law, Kylie's, birthday.

The Tour de Sock has started, which is a sock speed knitting competition that raises money for MSF (Doctors Without Borders). But I was on night shift, so I didn't get a good start, and then I decided that I just don't like the first pair enough to persist. I'd rather spin. So my OWL and my Idlewood and my spinning wheel will get a little love and attention for a while, until I see what the next pair of socks looks like :)


ruthsplace said...

So productive. I love both of your new spins and the socks are gorgeous.

kelgell said...

Woohoo! New socks. I like the first skein spin too.

Alrischa said...

I like the colors of the second one, now that I'm knitting it, but I did the whole spin in 2 short days, and it shows. It's a bit lumpy :) I'm doing the next one more carefully.

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