Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shiny new

I was very good with my tax return money this year. Most of it went into savings, and of the bit we had to spend each, most of mine went onto a bike. The kids have all gotten little bikes this year, and Byron and Jasmine are spinning around the driveway happily, but they like us to take them to more exotic places ;)

Today we rode the 6km around Victoria Park. They all did well, especially little Zac with his training wheels.

Byron probably would have done it in a third of the time without the other two kids, but it was more fun as a family thing :)

Anyway, now I can feel free to spend the remains on yarn! I got a collection of Madelinetosh Vintage, which is one of my favorites.

Duchess (very dark purple)

Mourning Dove (just in case my other skein ran out while knitting Alchemist... ended up using about 30g of it)

Steamer Trunk (in case I need more before I'm finished Stilwell)

Firewood (really love this color)

Terra (love this mixed with Firewood)
Then I got some fibre from Shadawyn, a fellow player in the HP game (whose birthday is today, August 31). The fibre club one is "Severus Snape" (she does a different Order of the Phoenix member each month), and it was my reward ;) for finishing my Potions OWL on time. Seemed appropriate.

Severus Snape

And since I was paying postage, anyway...

Hebridean Black
And then I apparently rebelled against the greyness of the NEWT and ordered some color from Kathy's Fibres.


Dazzle (Jasmine chose this one for a hat)


And some BFL/silk. I do still love grey after all.

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