Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cool Logic

A basic hat with a twisty rib. I called it Cool Logic because it came out of a class prompt (in the House Cup game on Ravelry) where you had to work out, with logic, how to get past a Snape-like logic puzzle. Puzzle below :)

Hermione got lots of points for her use of cool logic in the face of fire.


4.5mm needles
Madelinetose Vintage
Left cable = slip 2 to cable needle, hold in front, k2, k2 from cable needle
Right cable = slip 2 to cable needle, hold in back, k2, k2 from cable needle

Circular cast on 8 and increase (8 every other round) until 112 stitches.


KF&B x8
K one round
(K1, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K2, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K3, KF&B) x8
K one round

(K4, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K5, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K6, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K7, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K8, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K9, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K10, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K11, KF&B) x8
K one round
(K12, KF&B) x8

(Now you have 8 sections with 14st each = 112st)

Knit 22 rounds.

P2, K4 around (decreasing out 4 evenly) (108)

Round 1 and 2 - (P2, K4) x18
Round 3 - (P2, Left cable) x18
Round 4 and 5 - (P2, K4) x18
Round 6 - (P2, Right cable) x18

Repeat rounds 1-6 two more times (or three, if you like). Immediately after the last round 6, cast off in rib pattern using JSSBO.

Me, testing out the new logic center in my brain... Hey, I figured out the puzzle! lol.


Puzzle: (pinched from the game, here.)

As you file in from the Troll room, a barrier of purple flame roars up behind you. The only other visible exit is already blocked by a wall of black fire.
“Not to worry, there’s enough potion for everyone this time,” Professor Cillaspins reassures you. “I’m sure you all recall the test Harry Potter and Hermione Granger-“
“Why give Potter credit when Granger did all the work?” Professor Cattiekins mutters, a little acerbically.
“-encountered in this chamber,” Cillaspins continues serenely. “The logic puzzle and the array of bottles are preserved over there.” She indicates a glass case with a framed parchment and a row of assorted potions bottles.
“We all know the answer to that puzzle from our history class.” Professor Drake picks up the narration. “So we’ve provided an alternate puzzle for you here.” She steps aside, revealing a table containing three identical opaque potions bottles. They are labeled “Poison”, “Black Flame Freeze”, and “Purple Flame Freeze”.
“That doesn’t look like much of a riddle,” a seventh-year mutters from the back of the class.
Drake raises a single brow. “No bottle contains the potion listed on the label.” A worried rumble rises, then falls as Cattiekins casts a warning glare around the room. “You may each open a single bottle and sniff the contents. After that, you must tell us which bottle you would drink to move forward, through the black flames. To help you, we have scented each potion with a strong odor. Poison smells of peppermint, Black flame Freeze smells of new hay, and Purple flame freeze smells of roasting chicken. Explain how you would solve this puzzle, and craft something that requires logical thought.”

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Unknown said...

Hi I am really confused at the beginning. For the increases, for the first row of increases I get then after the k row you do k1 then increases and k a row and then k2 then increases then k a row. Now you say etc...do we do k3 then increase or go back to k1 then increase?

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