Monday, November 18, 2013

Grey and yellow

I like grey and yellow as a color combo, but I've had a fair bit of it lately. For some reason, I decided that, with my NEWT, 4 out of 5 knitting projects could be shoved into the last month. So I've been working on the Grey NEWT project fairly exclusively these last few weeks.

I did rebel briefly, to dye some stripey yarn

and I've been working on a red sock

(the only one of the four I was going to knit for my Order of the Phoenix Mission that might actually get finished)

and I may have started spinning this purple Texel

LOL. So exclusively grey.

Anyway, I've finished my woven skirt, and discovered that, not only am I a terrible sewer who knows nothing about fabric, but I can't take a picture of myself in a skirt. hehe.

At least it does fit! Here's the actual color, more or less:

The one that took me the longest, though, was the shawl/scarf called Phi

I haven't worked out the yardage, yet, but it's a lot of garter stitch with fingering weight handspun. It's soft and warm, and the curve and Fibonacci stripes appeal to me. Simple and a bit interesting, which is exactly what I was looking for, and my Slytherin friend Jennifer (KnittingVortex) designed it just in time for it to be in my NEWT :)

And this one, I finished today

a very slouchy Sitka Spruce hat. Original fleece color (pale grey, blocking here on a white balloon). Made the slouchy size but with an extra half of  "Chart A" in length, so it's longish, too. Couldn't get a decent picture of it on myself, so Jasmine eagerly volunteered.

Now, I just have to get some legwarmers done, and I'm finished.

NEWT number 4 is already in Planning. It's pretty simple. I'm going to use hand-dyed stripey sock yarn

to make seven pairs of socks at once. Seven Simultaneous Stripey Socks on two very long circular 2.5mm needles. FUN! Or madness. A combination of the two is usually good for a NEWT. hehe.

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ruthsplace said...

I am in awe of how much you get done! I love the skirt and the phi.

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