Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The current NEWT is now up to 75%, just in time to get the points in the House Cup game. I had to finish the Stilwell

and spin up my fleece


The jumper is longer than 'standard', and used about 1.6km (1800y) of yarn. (It weighs a kilo). The fleece turned into just over a kilo of yarn, 621y of 2ply and 660y of 3ply. Total singles spun: 3222y.

The knit meter has passed last year's spin total, and the knit total is looking beatable  :)


So, to finish my NEWT I have to turn that fleece-yarn into a hat, skirt and legwarmers, and finish off the Phi. I have started the shawl, in fact I've done about half the rows, but that's not halfway, because you start at one point of the triangle and end up on one long side. So the rows are getting longer.

I may have bought a little more yarn ;)

onepinkplum's pic
Got this Madelinetosh worsted MCN from a raveler, seven skeins in the color Ink. Liking blue a lot lately.

Also caught a Wollmeise update, and got some white, black and green Twin. Can't have too many of the basics.

Or maybe you can. I seem to have about a hundred skeins of sock yarn... perhaps I'd better do a Sock NEWT next time, see if I can do 7 pairs in 4 months or something... Or maybe I'll buy a sock-knitting machine :) hehe.

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ruthsplace said...

Wow!! The jumper is amazing! Gorgeous spinning, and I'm very jealous of your recent yarn purchases!

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