Saturday, October 5, 2013

Glow sticks

These socks are not mine

They're ShaylaMyst's socks, which she's making from her handdyed yarn. I thought the yarn was cool, though, so I made some :)

I got a hold of a limited edition of blank sock yarn from Bendigo Woolen Mills. Hope they have more of it, because it's nice stuff, cheap, and will likely be popular. I acquired ten :)

so there might be a bit more dyeing to come. hehe. Anyway, I wanted a dark yarn that would have short little shots of color. So I balled up a skein, and then made it into a big skein, wrapped around a chair and a gate post outside. It wrapped around 20 times, so my skein was about 16m around. Then I tied it in 6 places, so that it wouldn't tangle up when I had it in a pile.

I picked the yarn up by the ties and hung the yarn into my dyepot of navy and black, making sure these 6 spots were out of the dye.

Then I got out my small dyepot and, one by one, dyed the blank spots

Then, of course, I had to string up my long skein, and rewind it into a  manageable size :)

It has about 120 shots of color, so it should make socks with about 60 streaks each. Called this dye job "Glow sticks" (The Astronomy class is about meteor showers)

Then I dyed up some fibre, since I had the dye out. Before I knew it, it was half-spun :)

Oops :)

I recently finished a few other things, too. This spin, which is merino/camel

Not sure I like the colors. Pretty sure I hate spinning camel, though it's soft. It's like angora - soft, fluffy and likes to make lumps!

Also, this roving hat for Jasmine. She picked the fibre and we split it into thin strips. Then I just knit a hat without spinning the strips. It works well, and the hat was very soft, but the colors... well, Jasmine likes it, anyway.

 I felted 4 inches out of the circumference, which made it fit a little better. LOL. Also made these silly little covered cedar balls

Ten, all together, just being silly and using scraps of sock yarn. Also finished these Pumpkin socks

The colorway is called "Pumpkin Patch". The yarn isn't very nice; it was a cheap wool/nylon single-ply I found in Spotlight, and thought I'd navajo-ply into a thick sock yarn. They're a bit too big, but very warm and thick.

As for the NEWT, I've finished with my 600y of 2ply from the fleece, and am now working on the 3ply. Not sure I'll have enough fleece to finish 600y of 3ply, but I'll spin it all and see. Here's some yellow 3ply.

My NEWT jumper (Stilwell) is up to the armpits! I have to finish it (and the fleece) by the end of the month to get my points for 75% (good old deadlines get things done). Then I just have to knit a shawl, hat, legwarmers and weave a skirt (!)

Is that enough stuff? Hmm... I may have cast on two hats and a sock this week... hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Gosh you've been busy! I adore the black and coloured yarn you spun.

ruthsplace said...

Previous comment was mine, don't know why I'm showing up as anonymous

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