Saturday, October 12, 2013

More dyeing

Can't seem to help it. Hehe.

This one I called Cucurbitas. The class was about pumpkins :) Here's one repeat of the stripes...

Orange. But with lots of green for balance. Hehe.

This one should be interesting. I made a variegated yarn with 5 colors, as you see at the top, and then turned it into a long skein and dipped it into dark brown.

What I need now is a time-turner, so I can knit all these yarns into socks to see how they work out :)

I finished this yarn, too, which is a 2ply Polwarth. Never spun polwarth before, but it's a lot like merino, soft with shortish fibres.

And now I'd better knuckle down and work on that NEWT, because I have about 2 weeks to finish up to 75%, and then only a month to make lots of things up.

Well, after I finish these two hats, anyway... NEWT soon... :)

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ruthsplace said...

The yarns look lovely!

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