Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's been a soggy sort of start to Summer. I miss the sun, and then I console myself with warm stuff. :)

Pattern: Hedgerow Socks. Yarn: String Theory Bluestocking in "Firecracker"

Pattern: own. Yarn: Madelinetosh Vintage in "Duchess". (The cello is Nathan's, not mine, but I made them to copy the fliptop mitts of  this guy, who is quite the cellist.)

Pattern: Cool Logic. Yarn: Madtosh Vintage in "Moorland". Not quite a whole hat yet :)

I have purple spinning to report

This is the Llama/silk I got from Bendigo this year. Must acquire some more some time!

Texel. Knew it was a bit rough, but I wanted to try some new things.

Apart from that, I've been going ahead with NEWT #4: Seven Simultaneous Stripey Socks on two very long circular 2.5mm needles. Here's where I am up to tonight

It started off awkwardly, to say the least! But now that the toes are done it's a bit easier to keep them straight, and they're big enough to hold their own little yarn balls. I'd had them in little bags, one for each pair, but they were annoying :)

This is all self-striping, hand-dyed yarn. I like watching the color changes... you don't get bored. It does take me about 40 minutes to do half a round, though!

"Unity" (so named because it's stripes of the Hogwarts House colors)... although I've been thinking of it as "One Sock to Rule Them All!" :)

"Mountain". Love how the variegation and stripes of dark brown are turning out. Behind that one is "Shadows" which is a gradient sort of stripe, going from dark to light grey. Shadows will be one of the Jaywalker socks.

"Glow Sticks" on the left and "Curcurbitas" on the right. Both plain vanilla socks, as are "Mountain" and "Unity".

"Rowena" will be a Jaywalker sock, too, and "Sunleaf" is getting a 3x2 ribbing.

These two last are a thinner yarn, and BFL. All the others are merino/nylon sock yarn.The "Shadows" one is thinner, or maybe I should just say that the four which are all "Bendigo Woolen Mills Superfine Sock Yarn" are fatter than your average sock yarn. lol. Anyway, I cast on more stitches for the Jaywalkers (Shadows and Rowena) so that the toes would be finished at the same time, and the Sunleaf rib socks have a few more stitches. The plain ones have 64 each. The Jaywalkers have 76 (the pattern pulls it in a lot) and the ribbed socks have 68.

And now it's quarter to 3am again, so I'd better kick myself off to bed.

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ruthsplace said...

I think I'd struggle with two at a time socks, so greatly admire 7 at a time! I'm sure I'd be a tangled mess. Love the colours you're using too.

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