Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Toes toes toes toes toes...

I have been a slack little blogger this month, but I haven't been slack. My current socks were up to here last week

and are now up to here

They are about a quarter done, I think, and are up to 37 rounds past the end of the toe increases. After spending a few minutes on the calculator, I found this last pic to contain 61,664 stitches :) My old Time Trial socks had 21,000 stitches, so I've almost knit the equivalent of 3 pairs. I'm ahead of schedule... or I would be, if I didn't plan to make them longer. And tomorrow I start some other projects for January 'classes' in the House Cup game.

I finished the green hat, which Zac pinched straight away :)

And I made this one into a welted cowl (5 rounds of knit, 5 rounds of purl) until I ran out, so I could use up all the handspun I spun from Shadawyn's "Severus Snape".

I then started this one, being in a welty mood: another Wurm in Madelinetosh vintage. Decided to use a light yellow (Winter Wheat) for the main part, and a dark yellow (Candlewick) for the knit rounds that bend inwards.

It's easier to walk and knit with this than a chain of toes! lol.

Next month I have spinning plans and weaving plans, but I have to make sure to do my socks first. I have this pretty fibre called "Dark Mark" that I'm sure I can fit into this Harry Potter game somewhere!

And lastly, for the end of the year, my knitmeter read

And my tally for the "113 in 2013" group said

Knitting - 55
Weaving - 3
Spinning - 42
Dyeing - 16

= 116

Happy New Year!

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ruthsplace said...

That many socks at once has me totally amazed...

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